Home.PLC is where the links to many useful resources are stored for staff, students and parents. As a student, the following links may be useful:



The Home.PLC Student Page holds many links. Below is a short explanation for each link:



Ask.PLCScotch is a public knowledge base that aims to answer your Library and Information Learning Technology questions. By typing in a topic or searching for a specific question, you can access a range of information and guides to assist you with any problems or queries you have. 


Assessment Archive

Assessment Archive contains revision resources and past exams for both ATAR and IB Diploma courses. Here you can access past exam papers and tests, along with any additional available material including marking keys and examiners comments.


Crashplan Backup

Crashplan is the schools’ online backup solution to ensure all the staff and students data is safe, accessible and protected. If something happens to your computer or you lose some work/information you can access Crashplan to recover your data that was successfully backed up. Learn More 


SEQTA for Students

SEQTA for Students is the database where students can access their timetable, lesson plans and assessment results. To log in to SEQTA for Students use your PLC username and password. 



Flexischools is a cashless school management solution that allows students, staff and parents to order from the school canteen and cafe as well as top-up money on their account. This will need to be setup by your Parents or Guardians.



Calendar allows the PLC school community to view what is happening throughout the school for the year. Here you will find upcoming school events and significant dates, colour coded according to event type. This includes Outdoor Education, Sport, Administration, Alumni, Events, Boarding and Wellbeing. You can also search for upcoming events. 



Gallery contains all the audio, video and pictures that are taken across the PLC and Scotch for access by each community. These resources are accessible by logging in with your PLC username and password. If parents have any photos or videos to contribute, they are able to upload these photos into the Gallery to be enjoyed by all. 



Clickview is a video platform for education that provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for the curriculum. You can also find content from free-to-air television, as well as movies, documentaries and more.



Lynda is a leading online learning platform that helps students and staff learn business, software, technology and creative skills to achieve personal, professional and educational goals. By searching for a particular software or skill, you are able to access a wide-range of resources to assist your learning whether you be at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.



Music allows you to access the music departments calendars, timetables, information resources, handbooks and the junior school curriculum pages. 



Overdrive gives you access to PLC and Scotch’s online library resources. You can borrow eBooks and audiobooks or you can reserve them if they are currently being borrowed by someone else.



Office365 gives you online access to Microsoft programs such as Word, PowerPoint and OneNote. You can use it to share documents and work on them collaboratively. Learn More



Webmail gives you online access to your PLC exchange e-mail account. Use this to access your emails from other devices wherever you are. 


The Defining Project

The Defining Project is the homepage for year 9 students' Defining Project. Students can use this page to access resources such as project criteria, the structure and timeframe and past projects.


Sports Co-Curricular

Junior and Senior School Sports Co-Curricular gives you access to sport timetables, carnival information, reviews and pocket application forms. 


Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education lets you access information, sign-up sheets, resources for Outdoor Education year camps, Year 10 Quests, co-curricular options, the 50 Mile Walk and the Duke of Edinburgh awards. 


Personal Goals

Personal Goals allows students to create personal, academic, wellbeing, organisational and co-curricular goals. 



PLC Web links directly to the external PLC Perth Website. 


Library & Innovation

The Library and Innovation Centre houses many online resources, such as newspapers, referencing information, research library and eMagazines. Students can also search and reserve library books.


PLC Courses

PLC Courses provides information on the various WACE and IB Diploma courses for years 11 and 12 to assist in course selection. There is also career development information such as university information and news as well as information for parents. Students can subscribe to the newsletter to receive new information in their inbox.



Co-Curricular provides information and enrollment for JS and SS students on activities and opportunities that can be taken up outside of class time. 


Learning Enrichment

The Learning Enrichment page provides information about upcoming competitions and activities in calendar form. 



Managebac is the website that IB student use to submit work, view their marks and find other information about their IB subjects.


Research at PLC

Research@PLC provides students with information on how to access, research, locate, collect organise and present information academically. 


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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