How do channels work in Office 365 Teams?


What are Channels?

Channels are separate hubs within a Microsoft Team . A Channel includes a separate conversation forum, a dedicated file space and a OneNote  Notebook, which links to the main Notebook.  Channels can be used to focus on specific topics or sub-projects within a Team. 

Within each Channel, the team owner can add new Tabs to the Channel. These Tabs provide quick access to a wide range of resources including any Microsoft Office documents, YouTube  videos or playlists, and Websites. An exhaustive list of resources is available when you add a Tab.


How do I create a new Channel?

To create a new channel follow the next steps:

  1. Click the ... (More Options) button next to the Team name, and select Add Channel.

  2. Fill out the Channel Name and Description (optional), then click Add.

How do I add people to a channel?

Every person in a Team automatically has access to all Channels within that Team. When you add a person to the Team they will have access to all Channels.


How do I add a Channel as a Favourite?

In order add a Channel as a favourite, click the Favourite Icon Favorite button next to the Channel name, and it will remain visible in your Team list.  If a Channel is not a favourite, a message appears in the Team list indicating more channels are available.


How do I get someone's attention in a channel?

If you type before the team members's name, they will receive a notification in Activity that you mentioned them. If you would like to get the attention of the whole team, you can use @team.


If you would like more detail about Microsoft Teams channels, you can visit the guide here.