As a parent, what do I need to know about the iPad Pro?


Device Information & Management

Why are we providing the Apple Pencil?

The Apple Pencil enhances the functionality of the iPad Pro and is a natural progression and extension of skills developed in previous years. Resembling a regular pencil, the Apple Pencil does much more. Marking up documents, designing, writing, and editing are all possible with the integration and use of the Apple Pencil.

How will my daughter know which Apple Pencil is hers?

We recommend all Apple Pencils are labeled with your daughter's name and user ID. Pencil serial numbers have been allocated to individual students.

What happens if my daughter loses the Apple Pencil?

Every effort will be made to locate the labeled pencil, however, if it is not found, your daughter will need to purchase a replacement.

Why not use a keyboard?

Our trial of the iPad Pro with the Year 4 and Year 5 (2017) students found the Apple Pencil very useful. This, combined with the on screen keyboard, was the preferred option.

Can I buy my daughter a keyboard for her iPad Pro?

The provided case does not provide a space for the Apple Keyboard to be attached to the iPad, however, a detected blue tooth keyboard can be used at home if required.

Does my daughter need to bring her charger to school?

There is a limited number of charging stations within the classroom. Your daughter is expected to charge her device each evening. This is particularly important for back ups.

Are the devices backed up so my daughter does not lose her work?

The devices are backed up when plugged in to charge and are connected to wireless. Checking and manually backing up will be part of the instruction the Year 5 teachers will take the students through in the Summer Term. The students will be shown the back up process and encouraged check their back up manually on a regular basis.


Safety & Ergonomics

What monitoring is done on the iPad Pro?

Parents are responsible for managing the device at home as per the current school programmes, and while at School the standard filtering will be applied.

How can I monitor my daughter's use of the iPad at home?

It is recommended that iPads, laptops and other learning technologies be used in open spaces of the home. Problems with inappropriate use of technology can often be circumvented if you have the opportunity to occasionally glance at the iPad screen while moving around the house. In particular, it is recommended that you do not allow internet access from the bedroom.

Can I view my daughter's internet history?

The search history on Safari will show you her browsing history. To access their history:

  1. Open Safari  on your daughter’s iPad.
  2. Press and hold the back-arrow button on the far left hand side of the bottom tool bar.
  3. Your daughter’s browser history menu will appear on the screen. From here, you can tap on a link to open it.

What measures are in place to help with ergonomics?

The classrooms are very dynamic places, with the iPad Pro being used as part of many activities over the course of a lesson.  The teachers will review posture and ergonomics and ensure that the students are not sitting over their iPad for sustained periods of time.


Family Sharing

What is an Apple ID?

Your Apple ID is the account you use to sign into all of your Apple Services, such as the App Store , iCloud  and iTunes store.  It is a single sign on that authenticates your identity.  You need a current email address to create an Apple ID.

What is Family Sharing?

Family Sharing makes it easy for up to six family members to share iTunes , iBooks , and App Store  purchases, an Apple Music Family Membership, and an iCloud storage plan. Your family can also share a photo album, calendar, reminders, and even help locate each others’ missing devices.

Why use family sharing?

All students have the ability to add apps to the iPad Pro. We recommend this is done through the process of family sharing which allows the parent to approve all apps that are added to the iPad from their child's personal Apple ID.


Software Applications

How do I give my daughter apps?

The school will provide all apps for teacher directed activities. You and your daughter can add apps to the device. We recommend that this is done through family sharing so apps have your approval before being installed.

Can my daughter install apps from the app store herself?

The school recommends that family sharing be setup so that student selected apps are approved by parents before they are installed by the students.

Are all apps available to my daughter?

If you set up family sharing for your daughter's Apple ID you will be required to approve any other apps that your daughter wishes to install. The School has also restricted adult applications in the deployed policy for all iPads to ensure that only age appropriate software is installed.

Can I buy apps myself for my daughter's iPad?

Yes, we recommend that you set up family sharing to ensure that all non school provided apps are approved by you.

Can I see what apps my daughter has on her iPad?

Yes, if you have set up family sharing you can see all iPads Apps on the device.

Will the school still be providing some apps?

Yes, all teacher directed apps will be provided via the self service app on the iPad for students to install as directed by the teachers. 

What happens to an app I buy on the iPad?

If you have set up family sharing, any purchase made via this method will remain the property of the payee.

Will my daughter need access to my credit card for purchasing apps?

If you have set up family sharing your daughter will not require your credit card information to purchase apps


Loss & Insurance

What is the insurance excess on the iPad Pro?

The insurance excess is $300. Repairs to the iPad will not exceed this.

Will I be able to use 'Find my Phone' to locate the iPad?

The School will be able to help locate a lost iPad.