Clickview Online  allows you to edit videos online. This can be used to publish a segment of a video on Clickview  (e.g. one story from a news broadcast) or to Remove Ad Breaks from the video.

  1. Ensure that you have imported the orginial video into your Clickview  Workspace.
  2. Click the Options Menu next to the video, and then select Edit.

  3. Click Launch Clickiew Cloud Editor.

  4. To change the Start and End points of the clip, pull the handles of the Orange Bar to the points where you want to start and end the clip. This is useful if you want to publish an extract from a longer video.

  5. To Remove Sections From a Video (e.g. ad breaks), you can use the insert break tool.
    1. Navigate to the part of the video where you want to start the break using the Blue playback bar. Press Insert Break.

    2. Repeat this to insert another break point at the end of the break.
    3. Double Click On The Space in the blue bar between the two points to Remove It.

  6. When you are finished editing press Save.

  7. The Original video and the Edited video will now appear in your Workspace.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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