You can quickly and easily add syllabus links to a course program in TA in order to link your course to the IB ATL.

  1. Log in to SEQTA Teach .
  2. Open the Teaching Workspace  tab on the left side of the screen.

  3. In your timetable find the class with the lesson you wish to make visible to the students. Click on Load Programme  as shown below. If the  icon is not present follow these instructions.

  4. Open the Planning tab of the course planner.

  5. Expand the First Lesson of the planner.

  6. Press the Plus Button next to the Syllabus Link title.

  7. Select a Syllabus Point by navigating through the menus and press Save in the top right to add the link.

  8. Add all the relevant ATL descriptors, and check they have been entered in successfully.


Linking Assessments to the Syllabus


  1. Open the Overview of Assessments tab of the course planner.

  2. Press the Edit Button next to the assessment that you want to link. In this case it is On Balance ATL.

  3. Change the syllabus link form Unlinked to the relevant Syllabus Point.

  4. Press Save. These criteria will be added to your marksbook.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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