When can music be played on the quad?


There are speakers that allow staff and students to play music on the quad. There are however general rules regarding when and how to do this.

  • Music can be played Before school, at Lunchtimes and After school. However, it Cannot be played during Exam Periods.
  • To play music, 1 Degree have the iPad mini that controls the speaker output.
  • PLC has a school Spotify  account which can be used to play music. If staff or students have a playlist of music that they wish to play, it can be loaded into the account on the iPad mini and then played for special events.
  • There is also an Audio Jack with an RCA input that can be used to directly plug in audio devices.
  • If there are songs that you wish to have played that are not available on Spotify, 1 Degree are able to upload these to the computer that is controlling the system.
  • There is also a microphone available from the library if required.
  • Any requests for custom uploads require at least a day's notice.

If any have any other questions or issues, feel free to email or come in to 1 Degree.