Why am I unable to print to the bypass tray at PLC?


Due to a recent update to the printer drivers, some jobs are unable to print to the bypass tray in the Kyocera printers.

To resolve this issue, follow the steps below;

  1. Open System Preferences .
  2. Click Select PDL. 

  3. Select the Printer that you would like to be able to print to the Bypass Tray for. Select PLC Black for black and white or PLC Colour for colour printing.
  4. In the Page Description Languages drop-down box select KPCL.
  5. Once you have selected KPDL ensure that you select Apply for these changes to take effect. 

  6. You will now be able to print to the bypass tray.
  7. Once you have Completed your print job, ensure to Revert your changes to the printers back to PCL following the same process as above.