SEQTA is a suite of software used by teachers, parents and staff at Scotch and PLC to manage marks, timetables and student data. All of these services can be accessed from home.SCOTCH and home.PLC.

SEQTA Teach or SEQTA for Staff  (formerly known as TA or Teacher's Assistant) is used by Teachers to run classes. This includes lesson planning and recording marks.

SEQTA Engage or SEQTA for Parents  (formerly known as Parent Connect) is used by Parents to view their child's marks and timetables as well as to see feedback from teachers. 

SEQTA Learn or SEQTA for Students  (formerly known as Student Connect) is used by Students to access information and resources for their classes, submit assessments, view timetables and see their marks. 

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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