The borrower will be the parent or guardian of the child for whom the books are borrowed.

The forms are in a black folder with LP logo, in the cupboard behind Workstation #2 at the JML desk (currently Nick).


Have the borrower fill in their first name, last name and email address as indicated on the form, which has new sequential borrower numbers pre-entered on the left of each line in the format ‘SCT2***’.

In Oliver (back end), go to Circulation – Borrowers and select Add New Borrower


from the top left of screen.


Enter the assigned borrower number on the form.

Choose ‘External’ from Borrower Type and click 'Add'.


Copy in the details from the form, select 'Scotch Junior Middle Campus' in Branch and ‘SCT Little Pipers’ in the Loan Category field:


Click the ‘Save’ icon on top left.


The borrower has been created and may borrow immediately.

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