How can I change folder icons on my Mac?


To change the folder icon on your Mac to an image of your choosing there is a simple series of steps that you can follow.

  1. Open your Web Browser and perform an image search in Google for an image that you would like to use. 
    Note - if you already have a saved image that you would like to use, please skip to step four.

  2. Click on the Image you would like to use.
  3. Right-Click the image. From the dropdown menu select Save Image to Downloads or Save Image As and save the image to an accessible place on your computer.

  4. Open your Downloaded Image in Preview  by Right-Clicking your image, then selecting Open With and then selecting Preview .

  5. In Preview , select Edit and then select Select All.

  6. In Preview , select Edit and then select Copy.

  7. Right-Click the folder icon you would like to change and select Get Info.

  8. Click the Folder Icon and then select Edit and Paste.

  9. Your image should become the new folder icon. Your folders will now be extra stylish.