How do I log onto Brainology?


For the Brainology program to work on your computer, you need to have downloaded Firefox, as this application works best using this browser.

  1. Open Firefox  and type this URL ( into your address bar, or click here if you have Firefox set as your default browser. 
    1. If you do not have Firefox  installed, instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  2. Sign-in using your provided credentials.
  3. In the toolbar beneath your name, select My Programs.
  4. Click on 'Launch Brainology'.
    1. Firefox  may not allow the app to launch automatically as you will need to click on Activate Adobe Flash
    2. A small pop-up window will now appear in the top left of the screen asking if you would like to allow the app to run. Select 'Allow and Remember' to prevent having to do click this each time.
  5. Brainology should now be running.