The new recharge room in the Lighthouse is equipped with 12 audio face masks, each with a iPod touch with pre-selected music. There are also speakers installed in the room that can be connected to. To use the devices to suit your needs, follow the instructions below.

To use the face masks

  1. The face masks must be checked out from the Lighthouse Reception.
  2. Push the Home button on the iPod Touch to wake the device up.
  3. Press the Play button to start the pre-loaded relaxation music.
  4. The Volume can be adjusted using the Volume Slider on the iPod or using the Wheel on the cable.
  5. Use the Velcro strap to Comfortably put on the relaxation mask.
  6. Sit back and relax.
  7. Once you are finished, Pause  the track and return the mask and iPod touch back to the Lighthouse Reception.

To play audio:

  1. There is an audio input plate that you can directly plug into to play music from your iPhone, iPad, tablet or phone. The volume for this is simply controlled by turning the volume up or down on your device to the desired level.





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