If you are unable to save a document on Microsoft Word , this is commonly caused by your version of Word not being up to date, instructions on how to update your Office 2016 suite can be found here. However before you are able to run these you will need to save your data. 

If you unable to save a document to your device you may be able to save to Sharepoint

  1. Select File and Save As.
  2. Name your document and select Online Locations.
  3. Select Sharepoint and choose the appropriate location.
  4. Select Save! 


If you unable to save a document to Sharepoint please Copy your Data to a Pages Document to ensure you don't lose any of your work. 

If Microsoft Word is unresponsive Force Quit the application (Hold keys Command-Option-Escape). Word's AutoRecovery should save your document and make it available upon reopening Word. 


Once you've ensured your work is saved, to prevent this issue from reoccurring please update Microsoft Word . You can find instructions on how to complete this in the linked FAQ. 

  • If you are still experiencing issues saving your document, please come to 1 Degree and we will be happy to help

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