What should I do if I am having problems with my laptop?


There are many other useful and handy tips and tricks that can be found on Ask.PLCScotch. 

Have a browse or type in your issue to see if an answer exists. If it doesn't, one will be generated if the question pertains to hardware or software issues at PLC and Scotch.

If you are having problems relating to Hardware, (eg. screen, keyboard, trackpad, battery) search for your specific issue on ask.PLCScotch or refer to the following guide below. If it is not there, then you will need to head down to the Tech Centre in order to resolve your issue. Before you do:


If you are having issues relating to Software (e.g. Word, Safari, Ebooks, macOS) you can also search ask.PLCScotch for your issue and refer to the guide below.


If problems persist and you are unable to locate an FAQ, contact or visit 1 Degree for further assistance.