What do I do if an app is unresponsive?


There are a few reasons apps can freeze on your Mac. This could be from too many apps and processes running, low memory, or too much clutter. 

If an app does become unresponsive quitting and re-starting the app may resolve the issue for you.


  1. Use the keyboard Command (⌘) + Alt + Escape to bring up active processes.
  2. The Force Quit menu will appear. Select the Application which is frozen and then press the Force Quit button. 
  3. The application will now close regardless of what process was running.
    1. The Office 2016 suite (Word, Excel etc.) has an auto-recover feature which should retain your data if the app unexpectedly freezes. Browsers such as Chrome  and Firefox should also retain the pages you were on. 
    2. The Apple Suite (Pages, Keynote etc.) of applications Do Not have an auto recovery feature and if you have not recently saved your work you may not be able to recover this.
  4. If you still need assistance or are unsure what to do, come visit 1 Degree.