Double-clicking on a file will open the document in it's Default application. If you would like to change this to another application due to personal preference or usage, follow the steps below.

In this guide, we will be changing the default PDF application from Apple's Preview to Adobe's Acrobat. You can perform this however for any kind of file type. (Word -> Pages, Excel -> Numbers, Preview -> iPhoto)

  1. Right-click on the file and press Get Info
  2. Select the Drop-Down triangle to expand the Open With section.
  3. Select the Drop-Down Menu showing the current default application.
  4. Choose the new Application you would like to be the default for this file type. 
  5. Once the new application is selected, press the Change All button to modify this setting for all files of this type.
  6. Confirm the change by pressing Continue.
  7. When opening files of this type your computer will now default to the new application. 

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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