How do I see my daughter's class average for marked assessments in SEQTA for Parents?


You can find your daughters class average for assessments in SEQTA for Parents.

  1. Open SEQTA for Parents from home.PLC
  2. Login with your Credentials, then select Assessments from the menu options.
  3. Select the Subject.
  4. Select the Assessment you would like to view.
    1. If the Scores, Averages, Maximum and Standard Deviation are not visible, you may need to change your view from Task View to Syllabus View.
  5. To change to the Syllabus View for the marks, select the Task View dropdown in the top left.
  6. Select the Syllabus View option from the dropdown for an alternative view.
  7. In the pop-out bar, you will see your daughters Score, Average, Maximum and Standard Deviation.