The VoiceOver  function on your Mac is used to provide spoken descriptions of items on your computer screen and can also be used to provide control of your computer through the keyboard. To switch on VoiceOver  please follow these steps: 

  1. Open System Preferences . You can do this by Searching For and selecting 'System Preferences' in Spotlight Search  (located in the Top Right-Hand Corner of your screen).

  2. In System Preferences  select Accessibility.

  3. In the Left-Hand Column please select VoiceOver  and then Tick the checkbox next to Enable VoiceOver.

    1. You will now receive a Welcome to VoiceOver Message.
  4. To enable VoiceOver  - tick Enable VoiceOver.
    1. To not see this message again - Tick the checkbox next to Do Not Show This Message Again.

    2. VoiceOver  should now be turned on.


  1. To Turn Off VoiceOver , repeat steps One to Three but this time Un-Tick the checkbox next to Enable VoiceOver.


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