How can I reduce wear and tear on my power adapter?


  • Unwrap and handle the cable correctly.
    Do not use the weight of the adapter to untangle the cable. Excessive bends in the cable may cause damage. 
  • Use the extension power cable when necessary. 
    Use the extension power cable when the charger is near full stretch without the extension cable.
  • Route the power cable correctly.
    Run the adaptor around the back of the laptop when charging, not under the laptop. Make sure there's plenty of slack on the connector side and that the connection isn't strained. 
  • Be careful when disconnecting.
    Disconnect using the connector itself instead of the cord, ie don't pull on the cord to disconnect the adapter from the computer.

  • Cable Management.
    When wrapping the cable, do so loosely, to avoid creating undue stress or harsh angles with the adapter.


If you believe that your charger is damaged please bring it into 1Degree or the TechCentre.