Online booking forms are a great way to advertise and allow people to Register for an Event that you are running (e.g. a study skills workshop). These events appear on the bookings.SCOTCH website, and can be created in LibCal.


  1. Login to LibApps.
  2. Select bookings.SCOTCH from the menu. If this option does not appear in your list of subsite, please contact and request access.

  3. Select the Calendar that you want to add the event to. 

  4. Press Add New Event in the top-left of the calendar. 

  5. Fill out the basic details of your event, this includes:'
    • the Date of the event
    • the Start and Finish Times of the event
    • any Padding Time that you need (time to set up and pack down)
    • Title (this will be displayed on the bookings website)
    • Description of what the event is

  6. Add some more details about the event in the Event Details section. Try to add as much information as you can.

  7. Finally, if you need people RSVP/register check the Registration is Required box.

    1. If you require registration, you can then set a number of attributes for the event, including the Capacity, what Information You Collect in registration, and when registrations Open and Close. You can even use LibCal to send automatic reminder and follow up emails to attendees. 

  8. Finally, ensure that your event is set to be Published and press Add Event.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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