1. Move to the desk at the back of the room. Press the System On/Off button on the control panel to turn the system and screens on.

  2. Plug your device in the most convenient cable from the pits on the table and plug in the audio jack to your device to have the sound come from the TV's. There are four pits in the desk starting at Table which is the one closest to the door, Table 2, Table 3, and finally Table 4 which is closest to the Control Panel.

  3. Once you have connected to one of the pits, press the appropriate table number on the control panel at the back of the room.

  4. Before leaving, make sure to press System On/Off on the control panel at the back of the room (refer to Step 1 if unsure).


  • If the screens don’t turn on when you press the System On/Off button then check to make sure no one has turned the screens off manually.

  • If your computer has issues with sound or being not quite right then Restart your device that is connected to the screens.
  • If you've completed steps 1-3 as instructed above and the light on the screen is still red, use the Power Button located on the left side of the TV to turn the screen Off and then On again.
  • Check to see if anyone that has used the room before you changed the input mode, the input mode to use the table connections is supposed to be on PC. You can use the CH Up & Down buttons to change the input when this window pops up.

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