Important points to check BEFORE installing any upgrades:


  1. You MUST have a recent CrashPlan backup. Click HERE to see how to find CrashPlan on your computer - once you've opened it, the home page will show your backup status.
  2. You MUST have at least 20GB Free Space on your laptop (5GB for the installer + 15GB for the install process). Click HERE to see how you can free up some space if you need to.

  3. All documents and applications must be Saved and Closed prior to any updates.
  4. Your laptop must be Plugged into Power throughout the upgrade process.
  5. Step One of the downloading/installing process must be done at school.
  6. Ensure you leave enough time for the entire upgrade to take place, it may take up to 2 Hours for the installation process to be completed.
  7. Step Two of the downloading/installing process should only be run at home or when you can have your computer OFFLINE for up to TWO hours.
  8. Once step two has commenced, the laptop CANNOT be closed, it must be left open, and no keys pressed until the whole process is complete.

Steps to upgrade to macOS X High Sierra​ at SCHOOL

  1. Open Self Service  and Log In using your PLC or Scotch User ID and Password.

  2. Select macOS in the left sidebar.

  3. Click on macOS X 10.13.3 High Sierra Upgrade - STEP ONE, this will download the macOS installer to your computer. RUN THIS STEP AT SCHOOL. 

  4. Click Download OS X.

  5. When Step One has finished installing, click Close. Do not continue any further with the upgrade until at home. 


Steps to upgrade to macOS X High Sierra at HOME

  1. Click on macOS X 10.13.3 High Sierra Upgrade - STEP TWO. This will launch the previously downloaded installer and run the upgrade.

  2. Before proceeding, ensure that you are plugged in to power, all your work is saved and closed, and you have enough free space.
  3. Click Install OS XDo Not Close Your Computer during the install process. Until you see the login screen, and Do Not Press Any Buttons.

  4. Once the upgrade is complete, the laptop will Restart and ask for you to log back in. It will restart many times throughout the upgrade, only when it requests you log back in will the upgrade be complete. 


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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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