To reserve a book for a student or staff member, you'll need to navigate to the Library System webpage which can be accessed Here.

  1. Click on the Cog button in the top right hand corner to open the administrative end of the Library System.

  2. Select Cataloguing from the front page.

  3. Go to Resources via the left hand menu pane.

  4. Use Search Resources to find the required book. Filling out the Any Words section is usually enough to locate the title, however you can use the additional search fields to narrow it down.

  5. Once you have found the title, Click the blue number under the No. heading.

  6. Scroll down to the Barcode and Copy it. You will need to Paste this code in a later step.

  7. Go back to the Library Catalogue page and click on the Arrow button. This will take you to the Circulation Desk.

  8. Use the search bar to search for the students UID or name. Click the correct profile from the drop-down.

  9. Once the student profile is opened, move to the Reserve section. Then, proceed to Paste the barcode copied earlier into the Search Bar and hit Enter.

  10. Ensure the reservation details are correct, you may need to extend the Expiry Date. Click Add.

  11. The reservation should appear listed as below.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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