1. Accumulate the books for covering in the marked blue boxes in processing shelves, keeping a tally note on the box lid.
  2. *Ensure the boxes are not overloaded – if there are a lot of heavy books, split them up among boxes.
  3. When sufficient numbers warrant covering, call Kate Flowers for a purchase order number, quoting the number of books to be covered. Make a note of how many JS and how many MS books, is possible.
  4. Contact the Westbooks representative to arrange a pick up.
  5. Carefully check and recount the outgoing books.
  6. Record the date and number of books to be covered on the covering sheet - the green folder located with the covering boxes.



  1. After receiving the books, carefully count them and record the number returned against the outgoing number on the covering sheet.
  2. Empty the boxes and distribute books to JS or MS TL as appropriate.
  3. Scan the invoice, save a copy to Shared drive and email to library@scotch to create a Desk ticket for Kate to process through Accounts.

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