H Drives are in the process of being phased out, and as such you will need to move the data from your H Drive to a different location. 

Work-related files and folders can be moved to Staff Shared, while any other files should be relocated to your computer or an external hard drive.

These directions are only for Windows users.

  1. To locate your H Drive, double click on This PC on your desktop.


  2. Double click on your H Drive – it should have your Scotch User ID as the name of the drive.


  3. Select the files and/or folders you want to move – you can hold down Control while clicking to select multiple files.
  4. Once you’ve selected the files to be moved, Right Click on them and select “Copy” from the menu. Alternatively you can also use the keyboard shortcut and press Control + C to Copy these files. 


Transferring Files to Staff Shared

  1. To transfer work related files to S Drive, click on Staff_Shared (\\sctdata02.scotch.local) in the left side bar, and select the appropriate folder in which you would like to save your files.

  2. You can now save your copied files to your department shared drive. Be sure to select the best sub folder to place them in, or create a new folder for them if required. You can do this by clicking the New Folder Button in the top left corner of the window, or by right clicking within the file, and selecting New, then Folder.

  3. Open the new folder and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + V to commence the copy, or simply Right Click within your new folder and select Paste. This will transfer your Files across to this new location



Transferring Files to Your Device 

  1. To save files locally on your device, navigate to the Documents folder on This PC. You can create a new folder for your files by Right Clicking, and selecting New then Folder.

  2. Right click within this new folder and select Paste.

  3. Repeat this process to move (Copy and Paste) any other files to different locations. If you have any pictures, music or videos, feel free to Copy and Paste them to their respective locations


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