The Junior/Middle Library opening staff member starts at 7:30am and the Library opens for students and the JS Duty Teacher at 7:40am.


  • Turn on lights using touch screen as follows:


  • Turn on the wall lights: Press each power button on upper left for 5 seconds – you will hear a beep when they go on.

  • Start front desk Circulation computers and log in.
  • Have a walk around, looking for items out of place or power ports left open on the floor.
  • Unlock Equipment Room door 


  • Tidy Library front desk
  • Lock Equipment Room door
  • Shut down desk computers
  • Turn off lights
  • Tidy up books left out
  • Check that JS sign-in file is back on JS Returns box
  • Check for lost property (put in box), items on floor or any other hazard

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