To use the Epson Projector Utility, follow these steps; 


  1. Open Launchpad and select Self Service 
  2. Log into Self Service .
  3. Select Utilities from the side menu.
  4. Download Epson Network Projector Utility and Interactive Tools 

    Note: Computer will require restart after installation. 
  5. Wait for your computer to restart
  6. Open Easy MP Network Projection Tool .
  7. Select the appropriate floor of the classroom (e.g. SG, S1 or S2) from the drop down menu "Profile". 
  8. Select the Projector you wish to Connect to.
  9. After connecting, the projector should automatically begin projecting to the screen. 

  10. Once you have connected, this Toolbar should appear at the bottom right hand side corner of your screen

    1. Select Target Projector if more than one projector is available
    2. Show- When this is selected everything on your screen will be projected 
    3. Stop- When this is selected everything on your screen will be projected
    4. Pause- Pauses projection and audio from projector only. Movie or audio will continue to play on your computer 
    5. Presentation mode- Used when using PowerPoint or Keynote. Slideshow must be in full screen. 
    6. Projector Control- Allows for source selection for the projector 
    7. Screen Preview- Used when multi-screen displays are in use 
    8. Set Option- Used to adjust performance of transmission and to change audio output from projector to computer. Performance can be set to Fast, Normal and Fine. Set to Fast if movie projections are interrupted. Fine is used for displaying high detailed images only
    9. Movie Setting Mode- Not supported by current projectors 
    10. Switch Toolbar Display- Allows selection of toolbar size and icons: Full, Normal and Simple 

  11. To disconnect from the projector, simply press disconnect when done or turn the projector off. 

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