To record an oral recording on GarageBand, you must first have the application installed on the computer. This can be downloaded from Self Service Self Service logo


The steps to create an oral recording on GarageBand are:

  1. Open an Empty Project in GarageBand. 
  2. Select the Microphone option and then click Create. Make sure that the right Input is selected i.e. if you have an external microphone connected or are just using the in-built laptop microphone.
  3. Then click on the Red Record Button along the top of the screen next to the play button.
  4. After you have recorded your voice, press the Red Record Button again to stop recording your voice. You can stop and start recording as often as required until you are satisfied with your piece, then press the Stop Button (the square button next to the play button) to stop the track
  5. To save the recording you have just made, you must go to the Share tab. The Share tab is along the toolbar. Then click the Export Song to Disk option.
  6. Name the recording something relevant and select which file type you want the file saved as. (MP3 is recommended file type, as it will work on most devices.) Select Where you would like to save your file. After this click Save. 


You have made your oral recording on GarageBand and saved it! Now you can send it to teachers or students through email.





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