How do I process staff overdue slips in the Junior School?


NB: The following instructions assume you are logged in to the 'Management' console of Oliver.

  1. Go to Circulation
  2. Go to Overdues and list
  3. Choose SCTJS PrintClassOverdues
  4. In ‘Borrower Selection’, click Edit
  5. In ‘Any Words’, highlight the entire string inside the box and delete it
  6. From ‘Borrower Type’, select ‘Staff
  7. From 'Branch', select 'Scotch Junior Middle Campus'
  8. Click ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the dialogue box
  9. View’ the overdues and check for anomalies
  10. Click ‘Run’ to generate the list
  11. Click ‘Download Individual Overdue Notice Print by Roll Class - 3 borrowers per page report
  12. Print report and cut into individual slips 
  13. Unfortunately there is no way to remove Middle School staff from the list. Place any Middle School staff slips on the MS TL's desk.
  14. Place Junior School staff overdue slips in Junior School Staff Room pigeon holes.

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