Upon enquiry from a student, his parent should be handed or emailed the information slip. Text of this here:


Information for Parents about YA Reading Permissions for Junior School Students

The Scotch Junior/Middle School Library has certain books categorised as ‘Young Adult’ (YA) based on their inclusion of content some parents may deem unsuitable for their children. The content may encompass a degree of violence, supernatural themes or more mature relationship concepts, for example. Students in Years 1 to 5 may not borrow YA books without their parent’s explicit permission, nor are they permitted to read them in the Library. Students in Years 6 and above are automatically granted borrowing rights for these titles.

If a parent is comfortable with their Year 1-5 son’s conceptual grasp and reading level, they may grant YA access by emailing, including the name of the student, their own name and relationship to the boy. A staff member will file the communication and add a note to the boy’s borrowing record granting YA access.

If you have any questions about this process, please come and see us or email and a staff member will be happy to get back to you with any further information available.

Bradley Tyrrell, Dean of Information and Learning Technology


  1. When/if the parent emails Library, the whole text of the email – including date and address – is saved as a file (filename includes student name i.e. ElvisParsnip_YAperm) in the shared folder Library/Kathryn Salt Junior School/YA_Permissions
  2. Add the details to the file - Junior School Boys with YA Permissions
  3. Add the details to the boy’s borrower record in Notes, not alerts, so it’s visible on the upper right of the borrower screen
  4. Print the updated version of the Junior School Boys with YA Permissions document and pin above Kathryn’s desk on the partition

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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