The Moki headphones that were purchased for the Year 1 class this year (2018) have started acting up lately - specifically, the audio cables that run from the headphones to the students' iPads have been breaking down (they are not affixed, but rather plug in to a socket at both ends). If you get a WHD case regarding this issue please be sure to follow this procedure:

  1. Get a replacement cable from the stock in the plastic drawer next to the Tech Centre desk.

  2. Take the cable to the Year 1 room and swap it for the faulty one (see Kristen Gray or one of her EAs for this). Make a note of the student's name.
  3. When you get back to the Tech Centre desk, create a Web Help Desk  ticket with the following details:
    • Client: Kristen Gray
    • Request Type: User Device > Peripheral
    • Briefly describe the situation - include student's name
    • Assign ticket to Linda Gauld

  4. It is important that you Return the Faulty Cable to Linda.


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