Reading Materials

Home readers are short texts that Junior School students take home overnight. Guided Readers are a set of the same book, for small groups to read together. They are stored in Junior School classrooms and Reading Room. 


Home Readers and Guided Readers are purchased from the Junior School Literacy budget. They are then sent to the library for processing and cataloguing. 

  1. Place a barcode on the back cover of the book, top right. Align 'Scotch College' to the book's spine.
  2. Place a Home Reader Level or Unit of Inquiry sticker on the back cover of the book, bottom right. 
  3. Catalogue the books following the steps for Textbooks in this FAQ.
  4. Print and attach spine labels.
  5. Organise covering with Westbooks - clearly label as "Literarcy Budget" and keep separate from library books.


Reading Materials are issued and returned with in-class laptops, using the Self Circulation module in Oliver. 

Overdue Reading Materials

Reading Materials do not count towards students' overdue library items. Staff may request a list of overdue home readers for their class.

  1. Go to Circulation
  2. Go to Overdues
  3. Select Browse All Overdues button
  4. Select SCT JS RM Overdues list
  5. In Borrow Selection, click Edit
  6. Delete anything in the Any Words field
  7. Select the appropriate class from Borrower Type
  8. Select Scotch Junior Middle Campus from Branch
  9. Click Save button
  10. Click Run to generate the list
  11. Download the list
  12. Print and deliver to classroom teacher

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