How do I change the default print settings on Microsoft Word?


Default Print settings can not be changed on Microsoft Word. Instead, you are able to create printing Presets to save your printing preferences, for regularly used Print settings.

This FAQ is useful if you often print with certain settings, such as different paper size, scale to fit, and double-sided printing options.  Double-sided printing is described in a separate FAQ,


  1. Once you have chosen the specific settings you want to use to print a document, you can then save this is a preset, by pressing the Presets pull down menu, and selecting Save Current Settings as Preset....  

  2. You can then change the Preset Name to something that is appropriate to the settings chosen.

  3. After completing step 3, you can then quickly select and re-use this Preset whenever you require the same settings as created previously.


This is a good time-saver when you use settings that are different to the standard Default Settings, and now can be easily selected when you print.