OneDrive  is a file-hosting network created by Microsoft that allows you to back up files and data to your personal cloud storage. This guide will allow you to customise your OneDrive  to sync and back up specific folders from your cloud onto your personal devices.


  1. Select the OneDrive  icon in the Menu Bar on the top right-hand corner of your screen.

  2. Select More, then select Preferences

  3. In Preferences, access your specific folders by clicking the Account Icon at the top left of the window and then by selecting Choose Folders on OneDrive - PLCScotch.

  4. The window will then transition to show you a menu entitled Sync Files from your OneDrive. Here, you can choose to either Sync all files and folders on OneDrive - PLCScotch or you can choose to sync specific files and/or folders by ticking or un-ticking the boxes to the left of the folder names to your choosing. To confirm your changes, simply click OK in the bottom left-hand corner. 


If you have any issues, please contact the Tech Centre

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