What databases are available to me at PLC?


There are 12 databases that students can access through the Research Library that provide valuable resources for your education and enjoyment. Ranging from Art and History through to Science and Business, this diverse collection has everything you need.


 Akula is a database that can be used for searching Heritage sites and issues in Southern Africa. This is a fantastic resource for history, individuals & society and literature and allows you to learn more about African contexts.

 Britannica Schools is a safe, up-to-date and age-appropriate source of information for Junior and Senior school students that is a fantastic starting point for your research. 

 EBSCO is a database where you can access 8 topics ranging from history, arts, science, Australian & New Zealand content and literature.

 Gale Cengage Business is a business, economics and global economics information resource.

 Gale Cengage Health provides global context and topics on health and wellbeing.

 Gale Global Issues in Context ties together a wealth of content on the most important issues and events that currently effect the modern world.

 JSTOR allows students to access a wide range of journals. Scholarly resources on JSTOR include Archival and Current Journals, Books, and Primary Sources.

 Map As History is a database of world maps throughout history.

 Press Reader allows students to access magazines and newspapers from all around the world. 

 Trove contains content from libraries, museums, archives and other research organisations. 

 Wiley can be used for researching various disciplines. eg. Chemistry, Psychology, Law, etc.

 World Book is a database on a range of subjects and topics.