Magazines at Scotch are catalogued through Resources (similar to a book) rather than through the Serials feature as that feature makes finding a particular volume difficult when using the OPAC. Each new volume is added as a copy.

Library Magazines

  1. Place a Scotch barcode on the back of the magazine, up the top near the spine (similar to books).
  2. Cover the barcode with a clear label protector.
  3. Use the Scotch stamp to stamp inside the back cover and on the front page.
  4. In the Junior Middle Library, put a yellow 'Not for loan' sticker on new issue and add a green 'Available for loan' sticker to the previous issue.
  5. Go to Management>Resources, search for the title of the magazine and select the correct record.
  6. Copy the Copy ID off a previous volume for consistency and check that copy for the price and supplier details. Copy IDs may differ as each magazine lists their details differently. Ideally the Copy ID would start with the year, followed by month or season (written or abbreviated)/number/issue details, so the records display in year order.
  7. Select 'Add Copy'.
  8. Collection=Periodical, Resource Loan Category=Serials.
  9. Add 'Copy ID', 'Supplier' and 'Cost'.
  10. Add magazine contents to the 'Notes' field for subject-specific magazines where contents are of particular importance (ie. TPM, New Philosopher, Metro, D&T Department magazines)
  11. Save copy.
  12. Locate digital copies of magazine covers and save them to your Desktop. Resize them to 300 x 423 pixels. Upload them to a slider on the relevant library webpage.
  13. In the Senior Library, photocopy magazine covers and change over magazine display cubbies.

NB: TPM magazine in the Senior Library has a Collection of 'IB Collection' as that is where they are stored. Okapi magazine in the Junior Middle Library has a Collection of 'Mother Tongue'.


Cataloguing Departmental Magazines

Two steps differ when cataloguing departmental magazines:

  1. Collection=[Department name ie. SCT SS Dept - Arts], Resource Loan Category=Department Text
  2. Status=Unavailable


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