Library Purchases

  1. Purchases should be made using a School Account or the library credit card where possible as reimbursements are discouraged by the Accounts department. Click here for a list of our usual suppliers.
  2. Staff member requests a purchase order from the Librarian through Desk before placing the order. Attach details (supplier; budget line in spreadsheet if requesting books; screenshot of basket OR number and type of items and cost ie. 14 Graphic Novels for a total of $159.20).
  3. The Librarian creates a purchase order through Synergetic and replies to Desk ticket, attaching the purchase order.
  4. The Librarian records purchase amount in the relevant library's budget spreadsheet in Staff Shared.
  5. Requesting staff member places the order and sends a digital copy of the order confirmation/invoice to the Librarian to attach to the purchase order through Desk.
  6. The Librarian receives the purchase order.
    • For credit card purchases, the Librarian saves a digital copy of the order confirmation/invoice into the Staff Shared drive, and then adds a print copy to the Invoices file at their desk.
    • For an invoice that needs paying, the librarian scans the invoice and saves it into Staff Shared. The Librarian signs the invoice and adds the relevant GL code (and purchase order number if it's not printed on the invoice). The signed invoice is scanned and sent to Accounts (Anita Johnson) for payment.


Departmental Purchases

  1. Orders for departmental resources (not consumable items) including books, films, magazine subscriptions, maps, exam papers, exam marking, memberships to professional organisations, etc. need to be emailed to and include the GL code that is to be charged. Digital resource payment requests must be sent to Linda Gauld in ILT; PD payment requests must be sent to the relevant PD authorisor (ie. Director of Teaching and Learning for the Senior School).
  2. Orders must have the approval of the Curriculum Leader.
  3. The Librarian or Dean of Information and Learning Technology will place the order and then create a purchase order, attaching the order confirmation and/or invoice to the purchase order.
  4. The Librarian or Dean will reply to Desk ticket that the order has been placed and attach a copy of the purchase order.
  5. When the resource arrives, the purchase order needs to be received by the Librarian or Dean.
  6. If the resource is a book, DVD or magazine it should be catalogued as a Departmental resource. Items are stamped with the Scotch stamp and receive a Scotch barcode but do not have a spine label (Collection=ie. SCT SS Dept - Arts; RLC=Department Text; Status=Unavailable).
  7. The resource is put in the ordering person's pigeon hole, or delivered to their office if it is large, and the Desk ticket is resolved.

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