How do I set a strong password?


Having a strong password is important to safely protect your online work and data. To do this please follow these handy tips:

  • Ensure that your Password is at least Eight Characters in length. If it isn't, choose a Different Password or add some Extra Letters or Numbers to your chosen password. For more information on how you can change your password you can view this FAQ.
  • To easily remember your password, use a password that Answers a Simple Question such as "What was the first street that I lived on?" or "What was the name of my first teacher?"
    Please Note - it is important that the answer to these questions will Not Change Over Time so that your Password Does Not Change.  An Example Password could be 'severus.s'.
  • Include at least One Capital Letter in your password - most passwords are Case Sensitive and having a capital letter or two makes it considerably Harder To Guess. An Example Password could be 'Severus.S'.
  • Include at least One Number - if it is easier to remember, put the year you were born, your postcode or the last four digits of your phone number at the end. Another way of Integrating Numbers Into Your Password could be to substitute letters for numbers, such as 1's instead of i's, 0's instead of o's or 3's instead of e's. An Example Password could be 'S3v3rus.S'.

    If you have any other questions or any of this is unclear, please don’t hesitate to email PLC One Degree, give us a call on 9424 6410 or come see us at the One Degree Desk in the Senior or Junior School Library.