Where can I download the Casio Classpad Emulator?


The Casio Classpad Emulator allows you to emulate your Casio Calculator on your laptop. It can be installed via Self Service 

  1. Open Self Service  and sign in with your school username and password.
  2. Search "classpad" in the search bar in the top left.
  3. Click on the "Casio Classpad II (PLC)" and note the 32-digit code. Press install and leave Self Service open. 
  4. A setup program window will open, click Continue and Agree to the license. Then press Install.
  5. Then use Spotlight Search  to search "Classpad" and an item called classPadManagerSubscriptionForClassPadII will appear. Click on this.
  6. An activation wizard will come up. Select "Yes, I want to activate my licenseand continue.
  7. Then enter the code from the Self Service  program. If you have closed the program, reopen it and select the  icon to get the code. If you copied it, paste it onto notepad and then enter the code.
  8. Press next and finish the activation. If the code does not work, retry the code and then contact OneDegree if you are still experiencing issues.
  9. To access the Classpad Emulator, use Spotlight Search  to search "classpad" and click on the same application as last time (classPadManagerSubscriptionForClassPadII). It will ask you to set a "home folder", press next and the Classpad will open.