How can I enforce Google SafeSearch on my home computer?


SafeSearch is a filter built in to the Google search engine to prevent violent and adult content from appearing in search results. By default SafeSearch is enabled, but can also by disabled at any time. To enforce SafeSearch and lock the ability to disable it you will need to have a Google account.

  1. To gain access to the SafeSearch setting you will need to navigate to the Google homepage and click the Sign in button in the top right.

  2. On the sign in page enter your Google Account Email, followed by your Password.

  3. Once logged into your Google account select Settings, followed by Search Settings from the bottom right of the Google homepage.

  4. Within the Search Settings page ensure the check box for Turn on SafeSearch is select before clicking the Lock SafeSearch link

  5. This will load a confirmation page. To proceed click the Lock SafeSearch button.

  6. The following page will advise SafeSearch is Locked or SafeSearch is Partially Locked and explains that this will be indicated by the presence of Coloured Balls at the top of all search pages.

  7. To ensure SafeSearch cannot be Unlocked, click the Account Icon (containing your picture or initial) from the top right and select Sign out.