Adding page numbers can be an important step in improving the clarity and order of your document's. To do this, please follow these steps:

  1. Open your document in Pages .
  2. Using your Cursor and Without Clicking, Hover Over the Top section or Bottom section of one of the document's pages. Three Boxes should become visible.

  3. Click the appropriate box at the Top or Bottom of the page, depending on Where you would like your page numbers to go. In this example, we would like the page numbers to be in the Top Left-Hand corner and so we have Selected the box found in the Top-Left Hand Corner.

  4. Select Insert Page Number.

  5. Select the Style of Numbering that you would like from the drop down menu. 
    Your selected page numbering style should Automatically Continue on each consecutive page. 

    1. To not show a page number on the first page: 
      Please select Document and then Section

    2. Then, select Hide on First Page of Section to Hide the page numbering on the First Page.

      1. To make the Page numbering begin on a page that is not the first page:
        Select the Page that you would like to Start your page numbering on. Then select Document and then Section.

      2. Then, select Create a New Section and select the option Starting With This Page.

      3. To begin your numbering at One, select Start At: 1. To begin your page numbering at a Number higher than One, use the Arrows (adjacent to the box) to select your desired Starting Page Number

If you have any other issues or any of this is unclear, please don’t hesitate to contact One Degree or come drop past the desk and a coach will be happy to help

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