What should I do if I have misplaced my iPad?


If you have misplaced your iPad contact 1 Degree in the Junior School.

They will put the iPad into Lost Mode which will Lock the iPad, Send its last known location and produce a Loud Tone to help find it.

  • For it to go into lost mode it will need to have Charge and an Internet Connection. If it doesn't have either charge or internet connection, it will enter lost mode as soon as it connects to a network. 
  • When found you can either call 1 Degree in the Junior or Senior School, or the Tech Centre and they will unlock it.



  • Tech Centre:
    • Phone: 9424 6469
    • Email: 
  • 1Degree JS:
    • Phone: 9424 6401
    • Email:
  • 1Degree SS:
    • Phone: 9424 6410
    • Email: