To embed files which exceed 19 megabytes (MB) into OneNote, there is a simple series of steps that you can follow using the OneNote Application .

Please Note that you Must use the OneNote Application  for uploading files that exceed 19MBs. You Cannot use the Online Version of OneNote. To download the OneNote App , if you do not have it already, follow the steps found in another FAQ found here.

  1. Open your Web Browser and search for the PLC Home Page at or Scotch College Home Page at
  2. Then, from the PLC Home Page or Scotch Home Page please select the Office 365 Tile.  

  3. Login using your personal PLC or Scotch User ID and select the OneNote Notebook that you would like to upload your file to.
  4. From this Notebook, select Edit in OneNote.

  5. Then, select Open Microsoft OneNote and the Notebook should open in your OneNote App .

  6. Navigate to the Section and Page that you would like to upload your file to.
    Here, we have selected the "Information" Section and then selected the "FAQ Slide" Page because this is where we want our file to go.

  7. Click and Drag your file into the appropriate page.
  8. Your file should now be uploaded to your OneNote Notebook.

    If you have any other issues please don't hesitate to email PLC One Degree at, give us a call on 9424 6410 or come see us at the PLC Senior School library One Degree desk.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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