In order for the tech centre to properly diagnose Internet performance issues we have compiled a list of best practices for you to work through and then email through as a ticket to ""with the relevant attachments. Following these instructions will ensure a much quicker diagnosis and resolution so please be sure to follow them. It is important to understand that in order to assist you quickly we need as much information as possible. So establishing the exact time of your issues and where in the school you are (ie: what Classroom and building) is a critical thing to note down in your service ticket along with the sites and / or applications you were trying to access along the results of your speed test.

Further that discussion it's also important to understand that the site often falsely chooses the "best" servers to connect to when conducting tests. It will also jump around and often choose some of the slower ones, so we find the most reliable way to test external speed is to use ""


When experimenting with your testing, be sure to run it a few times to establish if the result is consistent, or fluctuates, and if so, by how much. will typically be slower than than other test sites as it doesn't use the same caching technology, but is a more accurate readout of raw throughput. If you consistently get low results or large fluctuations, we can turn our attention to either our internal network as potentially being at fault, or your device. 


When it comes to the internal wireless network we have a few varying factors. If you are able to advise the techcentre in your service desk ticket which room / building you are in when you have these consistent low readings, also include the time you were testing, they can review the wireless infrastructure you were connected to at the time.


This will help determine if the Access Point you are connected to is servicing a large number of users or example or underperforming for some other reason. If possible, have one of your peers test their connection when you have these low speed test results. If they don’t experience the same latency and speeds as you we would then advise visiting the tech centre with your machine to have it tested by our Apple certified hardware technician.


Working through these issues may seem difficult but with the right information and level of detail most can be rectified pretty quickly. When a lack of information is provided (Especially specific information, dates/times/locations/sites/applications etc) it will only slow down the turn around of your request leading to more frustration. Following these steps and ensuring your ticket has all the right information will help the tech centre get these performance issues isolated and fixed sooner.

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?

Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


Use our live chat to get support during school hours or submit a ticket with your question and we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can.