The evening shift in the Scotch Senior Library is from 3:30pm to 7:00pm, Monday to Thursday. This is usually staffed by a member of the library staff. Duties include:

  • Ensuring external tutors sign in on the orange clipboard
  • Issuing and returning equipment, books and magazines
  • Assisting students with the locating of print and digital resources, printing and binding
  • Monitoring student behaviour (warn students that they will be asked to leave if they continue disrupting others)
  • Completing FreshDesk tickets
  • Shelving books/magazines


Shortly before closing, please ensure you have completed the following:

  • Prompt students to pack up as the library is closing.
  • Place beanbags up on the couches and ottomans up on the tables so that the cleaners can vacuum.
  • Push in student chairs.
  • Spray and wipe any desks that have significant stains, or food and drink spilled on them.
  • Collect any property that has been left behind and put it on the Library desk for the staff member to follow up the next day. Library items that have been left should be returned in Oliver or placed in the returns box. Any laptops that have been left behind need to be handled according to the following FAQ:
  • Pick up rubbish that has been left around and put it in the bin.
  • Wash, dry and put away any dishes that have been left in the sink.
  • Lock the equipment cupboards and put the keys away in their storage spot.
  • Log out of Oliver on the front desk laptop and close the laptop.
  • Tidy up lower library (1 chair per desk, rubbish, etc.)
  • Lock the door at the bottom of the stairs that lead into the Year 12 Common Room (if you do not have keys, another staff member will need to lock the door handle and then leave it latched open).
  • Lock the front door as you leave if the cleaners have not arrived (leave the lights on for the cleaners).


If you do not have keys to the library and the cleaners have not arrived, ensure the front door is locked and leave through the emergency exit door (this does not have an alarm).

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