iPod's can be assigned to residential students allowing them to listen to audio books. 

  1. Check the iPod is charged and functional (screen turns on and sound works).
    The iPod must be accompanied with a cover, charging cable and carry case.
  2. Present the iPod to the student and have them log into the PLCScotch Wi-Fi.
  3. Launch Overdrive.  and press Add a TitleThe Cyberhound login page will appear. Students are now required to enter their username and password.
  4. The Application will then ask the student to login to the PLC Scotch Library, press on please click here if you are not automatically redirected to the PLCScotch login portal. 
  5. After the student has logged in, Overdrive  on the iPod is now accessible, and the device can be given to the student so they can read and listen to books.

When receiving an iPod, the students must sign out of the applications on the device. 

  1. Receive the iPod from the student. Ensure they have logged out each of the apps (Sora, Overdrive and Audible). 
  2. Enter settings, select the wifi (PLCScotch) and press Forget This Network.
  3. When receiving the iPod from the student, ensure they have returned the cover, charging cable and carry case.
  4. Finally, un-assign the iPod from the student and retrieve the equipment. 

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