1. Power the iPad on and it should show up with "Hello", if not, then skip to Step 6.

  2. Go through the Manual Set Up process and log the student onto the WiFi when prompted. Please note: if giving an iPad to a student that is in Years 1-4, you would have to search up their password.

  3. Press Next when it gets to the Remote Management screen, and it should show up with the Welcome to iPad screen.

  4. The iPad will then install all the apps that it needs, this is important as we can't give it to the student until the background changes to the maroon one. Please note: they cannot use their Apple ID to sign into apps as it is not going to save their work.

  5. Once the student returns the iPad, make sure that they saved all their work onto OneDrive as the iPad gets wiped when it is returned.

  6. To prepare the iPad for the next student to use, go into Settings and under General scroll down to Reset and press Erase All Content and Settings.

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