Follow the steps below to catalogue library resources:


  1. Open Oliver Oliver software icon, select the Management module and then select Resources.
  2. Conduct a title and author search first. If the same title already exists in the same format, add your copy to the existing record and include the ISBN of your book in the Additional ISBN field.
    • Note: Illustrated editions, board books and Mother Tongue resources have their own records, separate from a novel record. Department texts/class sets/reading room books should be on a separate record to the library copies and have their Security set to Staff to prevent them showing up in the student OPAC.
  3. If your book does not exist in the system, click the Add New Resource button and scan the ISBN.
  4. Click Z-Cataloguing to access the servers.
  5. Click the Download button next to the record you want to import (SCIS is our preferred server).
  6. Check the Branch is correct, then select the Collection and Resource Loan Category, followed by scanning the School Barcode. If the Add New Copy pop-up box did not appear automatically, click the Add Copy button at the top of the record.
  7. Check the Classification is present and correct. If certain fiction titles are shelved together, change the classification on our copy only, not the record.
    • Fiction titles shelved together include:
      • Halo (F HAL)
      • DC comics (F DC)
      • Marvel comics (F MAR)
      • Star Wars books and graphic novels (F STA)
    • Non-fiction classification formatting:
      • 796. 480 994 BRA (spaces drop the label printing to the next line)
      • A 820. 8 FRO
      • B 920 BLA
  8. Enter the Supplier and Cost.
  9. Click the Save button.
  10. Click the Return to Title link to return to the record.
  11. If there is no cover image, or there is one supplied by Syndetics (you can tell as the Change/Remove links aren't visible next to the image), upload an image of no more than 150Kb in size. Images downloaded from Booktopia, Book Depository and Amazon do not need to be resized before uploading.
  12. Click on the Edit button.
  13. Check the imported classification is correct (ie. records imported from State Libraries and National Libraries come in with numbers other than Dewey or may be missing the three letters after the number). Non-fiction numbers should be formatted as detailed above.
  14. Change the GMD to Book if it says Text.
  15. Check publishing and description details are present and correct.
  16. Add the Series if necessary. Check if the book has a number within that series and add only the number (no Bk. or similar abbreviations) to the series Part field that appears when you click on the series name.
  17. Check if you need to add additional Subjects (always add the genre/sub-genre into the subjects field as well).
  18. Enter the Genre for fiction books and graphic novels. Remove any unwanted genres that may have imported.
  19. Add Reading Lists for fiction genres/sub-genres, Mother Tongue, Indigenous, Screen Adaptations and Research Guides (search for SCT SS/MS/JS/JML prefixes).
  20. Check that there is an Abstract and add if necessary. Delete the word 'Summary' from imported abstracts.
  21. Click Save.


Department Texts/Textbooks/Class Sets (PLC) should have a separate record from the library copies, with their Security set to Staff. Note the following:

  1. Department Texts
    • Collection has the sub-school and department name (ie. SCT SS Dept - Arts)
    • Resource Loan Category is Department Text
    • Classification has 'DT' in front of the Dewey number or fiction classification on the record so that it can be clearly identified in the records list in the Management module (ie. DT 305. 9 BET or DT F LEE)
    • Set Status to Unavailable
    • Change the Security setting for the record to Staff only
  2. Textbooks
    • Collection is Textbook
    • Resource Loan Category is Textbook
    • Classification has 'RM' in front of the Dewey number or fiction classification on the record so that it can be clearly identified (ie. RM 305. 9 BET or RM F LEE)
    • Change the Security setting for the record to Staff only


Oliver record security


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