If you have tried to update an application though you keep running into pop-up errors and issues, follow these steps to successfully update your applications. 

  1. The first thing to check is what operating system your laptop is running. Click on the Apple  in your top menu bar, and click on About This Mac.

  2. If your device is running any system earlier than macOS X High Sierra, you must first update the operating system, by following this FAQ

  3. Open Self Service , and search for your app of choice (i.e. Keynote ). If it has the option to Install, proceed to step 7, however if it has the option to Open or Reinstall, you will need to delete the application. 

  4. To Delete the application, open your applications folder, right click on the application, and select Move to Bin.

  5. You must then Empty the Bin before proceeding.

  6. In Self Service , if the application still says Open or Reinstall on your app of choice, click on featured in the left menu bar, and Reinstall Self Recon. Self Recon just forces Self Service  to check what applications are currently on the laptop. 

  7. Search for your app once again, and Install the application. 




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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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