Below is a quick test to identify binding issues on the mac laptops and a fix that anyone with admin rights can run. This should also help identify if a system needs to come to the Tech Centre to be repaired.

When testing Cyberhound issues, please make sure you check the system is bound to our network as part of the diagnosis process.

To check MacOs X Binding:

  1. Launch Directory Utility.
  2. Select Directory Editor.
  3. In the Drop-Down menu that reads "in node", select /Active Directory/SCOTCHPLC/All Domain
    • ​​If this populates a list of users under the Search field, the system is bound correctly

Please note that from this step onwards you need to have the student Tech Centre password:

  1. If it reports that it cannot read the Directory, or /Active Directory/SCOTCHPLC/All Domain is not in the drop down menu, log in as TechCentre, launch Terminal, and run sudo jamf policy -event fixBind (you will be asked to enter the TechCentre password after hitting return).
  2. If an error comes back with a message referring to "Error -2000" or "Error -2100", reset the Time Server (System Preferences -> Date & Time) to Apple Asia and then run the sudo jamf policy -event fixBind command in Terminal.


If none of the above work, please send the system to the Tech Centre to be repaired as this is a result of a Broken Binding plugin.

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Can’t find the answer you were looking for?


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